The Farm Sessions – Digital Reissue

Tomorrow (December 17, 2016) will be the 3rd Anniversary of The Farm Sesssions EP. It was the first release on Norwegian Blue Records and was the one and only release to feature the original NBR Logo on the cassette spine. To mark the occasion we are releasing a Digital Reissue of the EP with a redesigned J-Card Cover and the addition of Bears I (redux), which was featured on the 2014 “Bears I” Record Store Day Cassingle.

The Farm Sessions EP is available free of charge here.

Physical copies are currently unavailable.



“Bear Skull” T-Shirt is available online.

Art and Design by Stacey Bru.

Screened on white Gildan T-Shirts in Lethbridge, AB.

CKXU Loves You

We are playing CKXU Loves You this year!

The show will be at the Slice on February 13. It is a 50’s Themed Dance Party. We aren’t really a dance band, nor do we play covers but it will for sure be a blast!


Shaela Miller

Mormon Girls

Backseat Bingo

St. Valentine’s Creep

A Really Good Band!

Support Local Music and Public Radio!


Our friend, the ever-talented Stacey Bru worked on a design for us last month and it is super cool. Expect T-shirts in the new year.

Check out more of Stacey’s work here.


On May 9, 2015,  as a part of Electric Eye Music Festival, Owl is hosting the NBRxEEF Showcase! 6 Bands/Artists are playing and it’s going to be killer!

The lineup is…


Supervoid (Vorn’s other band)

Atomicos (Tyson’s other band, featuring Mickey filling in on drums for the day!)

Commander Xander

Ryland Moranz

M.R. Hayward (Mickey’s solo project)

Buy a wristband and support local music and see a crazy amount of great bands over 2 days!


It’s that time of year again and everyone should make their way down to the University of Lethbridge or to next week and pledge some money to our friends at CKXU! There are a bunch of events and the pledge packages are killer! (it’s also just nice thing to do…)

Support Community Radio

…and tune your FM dial to 88.3 and maybe you’ll hear a Mormon Girls song! Crazier things have happened… 

Windy Rock 2

Mormon Girls to be featured on Windy Rock 2, Norwegian Blue Records’ second compilation! 

Windy Rock (1) featured, specifically, Lethbridge bands (Bears II, was included in that compilation) and this time around it allowed applicants from all of Southern Alberta, sorry Calgary.

We are very excited to have our newest track “War(paint)” included this year!

recording “War(paint) at NBRHQ